Welcome to my website and blog. I look forward to publishing many blogs from who I am, to ideas and thoughts I have, to topics about anything happening in the world and anything in between that comes into my mind. Please enjoy and look forward this new endeavor known as life and that everyone finds it informative, interesting and helpful on many topics. – Jason Madaus

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My name is Jason Madaus. I am father Army Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, triathlete and Ironman. Family always comes first to me and are my top priority in life. I have worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs now for 11 years. I am a Life Coach that has enjoyed being able to work with athletes approaching their biggest race of their life, vets living with PTSD and others with numerous other family and personal challenges. I race with a great team, really an extended family, called Big Sexy Racing. With everything I do is strive to do my best at it and to push myself to further limits, always trying to better myself. I love being to help others as often as possible. This is just some of the highlights about myself.